We’re committed to helping you and your organization become fully self-organized in a way that makes sense for you and your culture.

Below is a strategic guide that incorporates our experience and provides a roadmap for how we typically engage with organizations in their path to self-organization. After an initial consultation, we’ll work closely with you and your leadership team to identify the right level and sequence of training and support to achieve your self-organizational goals, and can customize our approach to your organization’s specific needs.



This group of offerings is where we introduce fundamental self-management skills that support self-organization. Sessions are typically two to three hours long and can be led by one or both of our certified coaches. They can be tailored to address your team’s needs.

Offerings include:

  • The “Why” of Self-Management
  • Stepping Back from Command and Control
  • Embracing Challenge and Stepping into Opportunity
  • Effective Meeting Practices
  • Defining Measurable Metrics of Success
  • Self-Organization as a Diversity and Inclusiveness Strategy



These offerings are where we dig into the specifics to: (i) introduce the self-organization principles; (ii) develop excellent practitioners and core advocates to ease transition, and (iii) amplify the impact of this new organizational system.

Offerings include:

  • Introduction to Self-Organization
  • Meeting Facilitation Kick-Off Week
  • Structuring Circles for High Performance
  • Ongoing Coaching and Facilitation Support
  • Two-Hour Q&A Follow-Up Sessions
  • Facilitator Training and Certification
  • Core Internal Advocate(s) Mentoring





When moving into a truly self-organized environment, it is important to align your HR and financial systems and processes with this direction. These systems can help empower employees to make smart decisions and set up the incentive structures they need to grow into self-organization. 

Offerings include:

  • Budgeting
  • Progression
  • Recruiting
  • Compensation
  • Mentoring
  • Building Trust Networks