What is Self-Organization?

At the turn of the century, the 'command and control' management system, typified by industrial giants like GM, began to take shape.  When the premium was on maximizing compliance and conformity, this system thrived.  Over a century later continued the reliance on 'command and control' is leading to some of the most disengaged workforce statistics we've ever seen. 

Self-Organization transforms the static organizational structure into dynamic structure that provides real clarity into roles and accountabilities.  This structure can be updated in real time as new opportunities and challenges emerge, allowing your company to evolve faster than ever. To aid evolution and responsiveness, Self-Organization relies on power bing meaningfully distributed to roles that are executing the work.

Many organizations are showing the power of of self-organization. Companies like Valve, Spotify, and MorningStar all have integrated principles of self-organization into their companies with strong results.  It's no surprise that more agile, self-organized companies are more productive, and ultimately more profitable.

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