Matt Dunsmoor, Partner


Another alum, Matt was one of the company’s first trained and certified Holacracy Facilitators. As a passionate Holacracy trailblazer in the organization, he has some of the deepest experience at not only meeting facilitation, but pushing the limits of self-organization within the company. 

At Zappos, Matt worked in several roles before the company’s transition to Holacracy, including Customer Service, Website Content, Social Media, Digital Video Marketing, and Software Product Management. After the transition to Holacracy, he held multiple roles across various types of circles, including several technology-focused circles where he worked closely with circle members on finding ways to integrate existing practices and methodologies into a Holacratic framework. 

Prior to his time at Zappos, Matt worked across various industries including retail, health & wellness, food services, non-profits, higher education, sports & entertainment, and more. He’s a graduate of the Monfort College of Business at the University of Northern Colorado, where he received his BS in Business Marketing and BA in Political Science. He’s currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada where he runs a consulting company. 


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