John Bunch, Co-Founder


John has led the self-organization and Holacracy initiative at since 2013, helping the company of 1,500 souls move from practically no knowledge of these principles to a fully operational and growing practice. 

John’s initial focus for Holacracy at Zappos was on building capacity for education, mentorship, and coaching, including facilitating three-day workshops that more than 700 employees voluntarily attended. John continues his work with Zappos and now focuses on building processes and systems for budgeting, internal recruiting, prioritization, and resource allocation to support the company’s self-organization practice. 

Prior to immersing himself in self-organization, John worked as Technical Adviser to the CEO of Zappos, a software developer, a high school teacher, and a professional poker player. John was recently recognized as one of the top HR professionals under 35 by LinkedIn’s Next Wave survey. 


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